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At Green Electronics in Chicago, IL, we bring visual art and engineering together to create remarkable innovations. We are an umbrella company that handles three brands that offer ingenious products and innovations just for you. Check out our website to learn more about our company.

Nature Meets Electronics

  • William


    William is a senior chemist, with advanced degrees in chemistry and business administration. Bill has played leading roles in developing many products that are used around the world today. He began his career as a formulation chemist with Sanford Ink Company in the Chicago land area and moved on to serve as Vice President and head of research and development for multiple companies in the US. Later Bill went on to serve as an environmental chemist for the state of New Mexico At Sanford, Bill did the Research and Development work for many of their consumer products, including the Sharpie Marker. Now on the market for over 50 years, Bill’s Sharpie is a piece of Americana. In his new book The Sanford Tales he recalls the people and adventures shared while bringing this product to life. For more info about his book Click here

  • Nathan


    is the president and co-founder of Green Electronics, supplying custom manufactured electronic components and circuit board products science 1995. Green Electronics has specialized in the use of electronic grade inks to produce a wide range of unique products from printed circuit traces on eco-friendly plastic to printing custom components such as capacitors and resistors directly onto plastic molded substrates.
    Nathan has worked extensively on the development of new manufacturing methods that allow companies to imbed discrete components into plastic thus eliminating the need for harsh electronic manufacturing processes like chemical plating, etching, and soldering as these processes can be harmful to our environment.

  • Gustavo


    has extensive knowledge of the use of solar power and has installed countless solar power systems on large commercial buildings and residential housing. He played a leading role in the installation of some of the first automotive charging stations in the Chicago land area. Gus currently is the owner and operates the Citlalin Gallery and Theater, where he plays a leading role in the community by providing access to a multicultural environment for everyone to experience all types of visual art, food, music, and live performances. Many of our Green Electronics products are on display at the gallery. Stop by and say hello.

  • Dhruvi


    Dhruvi Patel is a native Chicagoan and a 2023 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Dhruvi is in the driver’s seat and setting new limits in the world of Civil Engineering Technology. She enjoys spending some of here free time exploring the benefits and gaining knowledge of all things related to the benefits of alternative health and nutrition. With her background in engineering, love for healthy lifestyles, and overall artistry, she see’s the connection in “Building Green” and conductivity with aesthetics and functionality. Dhruvi’s passion for sustainability and design as well as her knowledge of management and constructibility allows her to think outside the box to pave a new path of green solutions for out current generation without compromising the needs of our future generations.

The Sanford Tales

The Sanford Tales: And Other Stories, Both Tall and Short

A new piece of Americana came to life in the 1960s. It was named Sharpie. The chemist who led the laboratory work on the Sharpie project preserves the stories of the people whose creativity became the Sharpie Marker. Meet the team personally, laugh at their adventures and feel the pain of their losses. If you have ever used a Sharpie Marker, you too are part of the family. Get to know the original Sharpie family by meeting them where they lived.

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by Wm. J. Green (Author)