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Connecting You to Nature

Green Earthing™ Full Size Earthing Mat

What is Earthing ?

Earthing, commonly referred to as grounding, is known to provide relief for a variety of health issues.
From arthritis and anxiety to insomnia and mood disruptions,
Green Earthing products are the answer to improving your whole-body wellness.

Earthing is about bringing the power of nature into your life. 
Green Electronics is providing the opportunity to experience the profound benefits that can be attained by using our Green Earthing products. 

Art and Function with Copper… nature’s Antibacterial

  • Copper Hygienics™
  • Copper Hygienics™
  • Copper Hygienics™

We love to inovate..

Green Earthing™ Comfort Mat

Unique conductive ink

that can be applied to many printable surface materials.

Copper Hygienics™ - desktop mat

We print conductive material on the surfaces

Why we matter

Our team has backgrounds in chemistry, manufacturing, and engineering. Together we have developed a custom ink that is designed to specifically produce a product you will love and use.

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Meet The Team

We are a passionate and unique team that has come together to develop a specific line of Earthing products that are safe, effective, and simple to use. The purpose of Green Earthing’s innovative range is to address the need for today’s consumers to enjoy the true benefits of Earthing.