Grounding Meditation – Your key to bring nature closer to you


Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapeutic practice that consists of performing activities that “ground” or electrically link you to the earth.

This method is based on earthing science and grounding physics, which explain how electrical charges from the earth may have beneficial impacts on your health. This sort of grounding therapy is not identical to the approach utilized in mental health treatment.

Grounding Meditation:

Grounding is the physical link of the human body’s electrical frequencies to those of the Earth. It’s an excellent supplement to any contemplative practices.

Grounding Meditation for Beginners

If you find yourself daydreaming, overwhelmed and preoccupied, or in a high-stress situation, consider reconnecting with the energy of the Earth. Meditating gets easier with practice, which may be accomplished by performing grounded meditation activities.

How to Ground Yourself in Preparation for Meditation

Connect with your physical environment and the spiritual energy of your surroundings before beginning your meditation session. By grounding yourself, you are harmonizing with the energy of the Earth.

Feel the soil beneath your feet as you walk barefoot on the grass. It is possible to walk on grass, mud, or damp sand. Concentrate on the sensation of the soil beneath your feet. Make contact with nature. Make touch with an Earthly tree or other live entity. While meditating, use an Earthing Mat, Earthing Bands, or Earthing Patches.

How to Begin Meditating

1. Get yourself ready

All devices, including cell phones and televisions, should be turned off. Find a quiet location where you can be alone for 20 minutes. Find a spot outside where you can make contact with the earth, with your bare feet in grass or soil. 

If you are indoors, use an Earthing Product to link to the energy of the Earth. Place your feet firmly on the ground and sit on a chair, or sit directly on the ground. Close your eyes and put your hands in your lap, palms facing up. Take a moment to check if your body is at ease.

2. Pay attention to your breathing.

Focus on your breathing and close your eyes. Slowly and thoroughly inhale through your nose. Feel your tummy relax as you exhale. Concentrate on breathing in this manner for a few minutes, until it becomes rhythmic and effortless. Recognize any distractions and bring your attention back to your breathing.

3. Begin the Visualization Process

  1. Tree Meditation

Consider yourself seated on the trunk of a tree. Concentrate on your body’s energy pouring downward to the earth. The tree has grown into an extension of your body, reaching all the way down to your feet. Continue to envision this tree stem moving through Earth until it reaches the center of the planet. 

Allow any unpleasant sensations to leave your body while you are breathing. Any sentiments of anguish, frustration, rage, or resentment should be directed to the center of the Earth. Elevate your energy. Consider the energy of the Earth pouring back up through your trunk.

  1. Mountain Meditation Method

Consider a gorgeous mountain. Consider its many intricacies as well as its sturdy, motionless existence grounded in the soil. Bring the mountain inside you. Consider yourself to be the mountain. 

Consider sitting in silence and peace, simply observing and relaxing unwaveringly while various weather patterns, storms, and seasons pass before you. Feel anchored in calm in the midst of continual change in your internal and external experience.

4. Return to Stillness

Allow yourself a few seconds to feel focused and quiet before opening your eyes. Return your attention to your body and open your eyes when you are ready. Close your eyes and envision your connection with Earth whenever you feel distracted.

The more you practise grounded meditation, the easier it will become.

What are the benefits of Grounding Meditation?

Meditation is a technique for relaxing the mind and achieving a state of awareness that differs significantly from the regular waking experience. During meditation, your mind is not focused on the outside world or activities occurring around you; instead, it becomes clear, calm, and internally focused.

Meditation’s purpose is to feel your true nature – serenity, contentment, and pleasure. The mind is the greatest impediment to accomplishing this aim. Meditation may be used to relax yourself or let go, and it teaches you how to carefully explore your inner dimensions. Regular practice may free the energies of the body and mind and enhance the quality of consciousness.

Meditation practices enables you to focus your thoughts on the current moment and learn to feel more balanced and alert. When your mind wanders, you may experience feelings of unease, restlessness, and discomfort.

Meditation has several advantages, including stress reduction, greater emotional and mental clarity, feelings of serenity and quiet, higher energy awareness, and improved health. By meditating, you will discover that your body and mind may be regenerated in novel and fascinating ways.


Grounding can be done both indoors and outside, with or without grounding equipment. To decrease dangers, no matter which method you choose to accomplish grounding, make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings outside and utilize earthing equipment carefully.