Does Copper Kill Germs 

Does copper kill germs? The answer is simple: Yes. It is commonly known that copper and other metals such as silver have the ability to kill bacteria. In the 1940s, the US agricultural industry was one of the first to use copper to prevent microbial spoilage of plants. The mix of a particular copper with sulfate, better known as copper sulfate, is still part of the winemaking process today. Many in the field of veterinary medicine use copper to treat and prevent lameness, also known as foot rot, when treating livestock. It wasn’t until the turn of the millennium that the true antimicrobial value of copper became apparent.

In 2005, a concerted effort was made to develop effective ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in modern hospitals. Although regular cleaning methods were used and effective, health and safety industry leaders knew there was more that could be done to reduce the odds of exposure to dangerous bacteria when an unsuspecting visitor enters a hospital. Researchers around the world and at many universities along with professional laboratories went to work to develop new products that are produced with copper surfaces. These products were then tested, and the results were stunning; It was proven that copper and silver surfaces reduce and or eliminate many of the dangerous bacteria from hospital environments, thus reducing the spread of germs. The U.S. EPA officially named these new surfaces antimicrobial.

Is copper effective against the spread of Covid-19? It has been proven that when the Covid-19 virus is exposed to copper surfaces, they die On February 10th, 2021, the EPA registered copper surfaces for residual use against Coronavirus.

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