The Positive Effects of Earthing

The Positive Effects of Earthing

Earthing may be a new concept to some, but for others it is a solution to improving many specific areas of health and overall function. Considered a barefoot cure, Earthing, has been shown to offer a multitude of wellness benefits. Understanding the positive effects of Earthing can assist in making good decisions about your lasting well-being and the important role nature plays in restoring your balance and strength.

Why Choose Earthing to Improve Your Health?

The reason more people are enjoying earthing is owed to its natural basis. There are no prescriptions involved or complex supplements and surgeries. Grounding is all about harnessing the natural power of the planet to restore our internal alignment and overall health. It is commonly believed that individuals who perform Earthing will enjoy the effects of: Improved sleep, more energy, healing from injuries, inflammation and better pain management! The process of Earthing can help reduce jet lag, hypertension and decrease the severity of back pain. It has the potential to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome pain among its many other healthcare benefits.

How to Perform Earthing

There are numerous methods for grounding individuals. Natural methods include a barefooted walk through a park or immersing your hands and feet in the sandy shoreline. Walking along a non-conductive surface such as concrete will not help you experience the benefits of grounding. Fortunately, there is an alternative way that you can benefit from Earthing therapy. The use of our Earthing Mats allow you to place your feet or hands on the surface for the process to take occur. We at Green Earthing have developed an innovative and truly unique process that utilizes conductive ink materials for use in our products. 

Watch How it Works Right Here

You can actually see the free radical electrons leaving your body in this voltage drop demonstration video linked below:

How You Can Introduce Grounding into Your Home

If you can spend 35 minutes each day walking barefoot around a natural area in which you come into contact with the Earth’s surface, you can take advantage of this natural Earthing process. If not, there are alternative ways to experience the health benefits that Earthing can deliver.

Green Earthing is proud to present our range of Earthing products, in which our conductive Earthing Mats help relieve the body of the positive free radicals that compromise internal balance. Our products should be used daily to maximize the restorative effects they can provide for your overall well-being. By incorporating Green Earthing products into your daily routine, you can experience the normalization of your body’s natural healing process.

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