What is Earthing?

Realigning our internal systems and achieving a state of balance is about connecting to nature. Earthing therapy involves healing and balance by connecting to the energy of the Earth. It is this very energy that is healthy for our minds, our bodies and our souls. It does not involve any prescriptions and is regarded as a freeing and balancing approach to reach a healthy state of mind and body.

What Does Earthing Entail?

Earthing is best described as the ability to connect to the healing energy of the planet. Whenever we come into contact with the Earth’s surface, we can tap into its powerful healing energy. Good for the spirit and the body as a whole, the ability to connect with the Earth through the concept of energy has a scientific basis. All our cells are made of atoms. Atoms possess unique positive and negative charges that are based on the number of negative electrons or positive protons they carry. Many healthy atoms have a negative charge because they possess more electrons; however, these atoms can have electrons “stolen” from them, leaving them highly reactive and damaging. In this state, they are called free radicals. As damaging free radicals infiltrate cells and tissues, our health declines.

Grounding Neutralizes Free Radicals

Unfortunately, free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress and damage to the cells of the body. This form of degeneration is responsible for a myriad of problems including inflammation and accelerated aging. Free radicals are generated through inflammation, infection, cell damage, trauma, stress, and our toxic environments. These force our immune system to respond. An active immune system produces more free radicals and soon our body is attempting to put out fires, but it has insufficient resources to do so. Additionally, industrialization and our increasingly technological world have thrown us into a labyrinth of electromagnetic fields, which disrupt the electrical balance of our cells. An abundance of free radicals, instable charges, inflammation and immune activation are responsible for some of our most threatening chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain syndromes, and autoimmunity.

Grounding is a simple, inexpensive means by which most of us can combat these destructive forces. The negative electrons absorbed from the Earth quenches the free radicals, supports the immune system, and puts out the fires. Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman described an umbrella affect created when we “Earth.” He claimed that grounding equalized the electronic potential between the body and the Earth, so the body becomes an extension of the Earth’s magnetic field. This potential “cancels, reduces, and pushes away electrical fields from the body.”

How Green Earthing Products Connect You to Nature and Health 

Green Earthing products provides a pathway for the positive electrons, that our body absorbs and produces, to be released into the Earth, or in other words to be grounded while we are inside the comfort of our own home or office. Whenever you make physical contact with a Green Earthing product, it’s as if you are making contact with the Earth itself.