Things to Remember About Earthing

In an ideal world where we would spend most of our time connecting to nature through the surface of the Earth, we would be free from many physiological imbalances that wreak havoc on our daily lives today. Unfortunately, in a fast-paced world with modern styles of clothing, shoes and less time to walk barefoot in the open outdoors, we are ill-equipped to benefit from what Mother Earth can provide.

The process of Earthing is an important one. It helps us understand the role of the planet in maintaining our well-being. With several studies conducted on Earthing therapy, profound health benefits were noted. From a reduction in the experience of chronic pain to improvements in energy levels and decreased insomnia, there is simply no denying what may be achieved when you are grounded.

Whether you are at the office or at home, you can use our conductive floor mats, desktop wrist pads, floor coverings and exciting garment range to neutralize the free radicals in your body. When you receive Earthing therapy, there are a few important things to remember about the process:

  1. Your Bare Skin Must Touch the Grounded Product
    • With the purchase of a Green Earthing conductive mat, ensure your skin makes a connection to the mat. Only when your skin is making contact with the Earthing product, can you experience the powerful healthcare benefits it can provide.
  2. Perform Earthing as Frequently as Possible
    • The more you perform Earthing, the more profound the benefits for your mind, your body and your soul. Green Earthing’s products are simple to setup and safe enough to use daily. This means removing the positive free radical electrons in your body to facilitate healthier, stronger and improved functioning. You can benefit from the practice of grounding for restored energy and balance
  3. Consistency is Key
    • To ensure you receive the incredible benefits that Earthing can provide, a great way to ensure you are supported is to create an Earthing schedule. Your schedule can make Earthing a part of your daily routine.
  4. Safety First, Always Check Your Connection
    • Always check your grounding outlet with a ground checker prior to use.
    • Ensure that your Earthing connector cord is properly and securely connected to the mat and to the grounding port located in the wall outlet (The semi-circular hole beneath the other two vertical prongs).

How Green Earthing Can Help You in Your Journey to Wellness

At Green Earthing, we strive to bring innovation, quality and safe practices to our customers. Discover the incredible power of nature and the ways Earthing can transform your life.