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is our senior chemical engineer, He holds advanced degrees in chemistry and business administration. He is the inventor of many products that are used around the world today. William is a formulation chemist and served as vice president of research and development for major suppliers of the automotive electronics industries. For more than 15 years, Bill worked diligently as an environmental chemist for the state of New Mexico ensuring that the local environment was being kept safe.


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is the president and co-founder of Green Electronics, supplying custom manufactured electronic components and circuit board products science 1995. Green Electronics has specialized in the use of electronic grade inks to produce a wide range of unique products from printed circuit traces on eco-friendly plastic to printing custom components such as capacitors and resistors directly onto plastic molded substrates.
Nathan has worked extensively on the development of new manufacturing methods that allow companies to imbed discrete components into plastic thus eliminating the need for harsh electronic manufacturing processes like chemical plating, etching, and soldering as these processes can be harmful to our environment.


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has extensive knowledge of the use of solar power and has installed countless solar power systems on large commercial buildings and residential housing. He played a leading role in the installation of some of the first automotive charging stations in the Chicago land area. Gus currently is the owner and operates the Citlalin Gallery and Theater, where he plays a leading role in the community by providing access to a multicultural environment for everyone to experience all types of visual art, food, music, and live performances. Many of our Green Electronics products are on display at the gallery. Stop by and say hello.


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Native New Yorker and Fashion Institute of Technology alumni. Pamela is a Midwest-based designer who loves solving visual problems for both web and print by striving to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Pam is a dancer, traveler, foodie, workout junkie, and dreamer. Pam has a staunch background in brand development for many large companies. Pam has a stellar background as she worked hard to complete a second degree in language arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And now she is paying it forward by mentoring the next generation of the members of the Little Village neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago.